BAE Systems program manager in Totowa, New Jersey

Directs, coordinates, plans, organizes, controls, integrates and completes a program or collection of projects typically having average annual aggregate revenue of $10M to $25M (but could be lower for programs of high technical or organizational complexity or risk, or significant strategic value). Ensures achievement of financial, schedule, technical and new business performance objectives. Participates in the creation of new business and in the development of strategic and financial plans for the company.

  1. Initiates, organizes, plans, authorizes work, manages, controls, manages change and closes out assigned programs according to the company's Integrated Project Management Processes.

  2. Develops and establishes procedures and guidelines for daily operation of the assigned programs. Prepares, executes, and revises the Program Plan of Execution.

  3. Implements and executes program information management systems and controls in order to carry out program tasks. Determines work schedules, prioritizes tasks and implements procedures for performing work activities. Directs and monitors work results for meeting customer requirements, specifications and quality assurance standards. Evaluates performance of assigned program tasks in terms of quality, cost control and achievement of technical, schedule, performance and contractual objectives. Keeps upper management informed regarding program status and any technical, cost, schedule or administrative problems within programs.

  4. Establishes, maintains and promotes good customer relationships. Ensures the coordination of work tasks with customer representatives. Ensures customers are informed on status and progress of assigned programs. Coordinates program reviews and directs the preparation of status and progress reports as directed in the Lifecycle Management Guidelines, the North American Charter for Program Management and the Operational Framework.

  5. Identifies and develops opportunities to increase the value of the program(s) under his/her purview and to capture new programs. Develops capture plans and directs the development and preparation of proposals in response to various requests. Ensures that work statements are adequately defined that the staffing requirements are correct. Participates in make/buy and prime/sub decisions and recommends the selection of subcontractors.

  6. Supports fact-finding and contractual negotiations with the customer. Represents the company at appropriate customer or sponsor meetings.

  7. Manages the work activities of subordinates assigned to her/his program(s) and is responsible for selecting, counseling, training, developing, evaluating the performance of, and where necessary, replacing subordinates.

  8. Ensures the adherence within assigned programs, to the Operational Framework and the attestation to compliance with the appropriate sections of the Operation Compliance Statement.

  9. Maintains a safe work environment and ensures compliance with safety objectives and policies.

  10. Shares responsibility of self-development with immediate supervisor.

Problem Solving: Analytical thought needed to resolve issues in a variety of complex situations without supervision.

Nature of Impact: Impacts quality, timeliness of results, planning and revenues or budget.

Area of Impact: Primarily Sector wide.

Interpersonal Skills: Developed communication skills to exchange complex information.

Negotiation Skills: Negotiates mainly internally within a project team or department,

Project Management: Leads Project/Program team member checking the work of others. Typically responsible for training and developing new team members.

Preferred Education: Master's Degree preferred.

Preferred Experience: Strong technical background, understanding of RF Countermeasures and USAF. Strong background in Engineering and Manufacturing processes as well as Subcontract Program Management.

Specific Requirements

  • Ability to lead and manage a $20m Subcontract Integrated Project Team (IPT) with 10 full-time equivalent heads and four (4) Major Subcontracts.

  • Strong interpersonal skills, ability to form a strong relationship with Suppliers and USG personnel.

  • Strong communication skills, ability to brief internal Product Line Management and USAF personnel.

program manager

Totowa, New Jersey