BAE Systems Space Systems Engineer - Digital Architecture in Manassas, Virginia

BAE Systems Manassas is seeking a Systems Engineer to support the Space Systems line of business for the Electronic Solutions sector. Known as an industry leader for its suite of radiation hardened products, BAE Systems Manassas leverages decades of expertise to build a robust Space product line. BAE Systems Space products can be found on almost all commercial, civil and national security space missions for the past 20 years. These missions include GPS, weather monitoring, satellite TV and radio, and exploring the universe (most notably the computers on all of the Mars rovers). From semiconductor components to ASICS to Circuit Card Assemblies and Sub-Systems, our products are ubiquitous throughout Earth's orbit and beyond. BAE Systems - Space Systems creates capability that supports their overall mission: "We protect those who protect us."

A Systems Engineer with experience in the design, development and operation of space hardware and/or payloads for government and defense applications is desirable. This position requires some background in the design patterns and practices for space hardware, to include techniques for addressing impact of operating in the space environment, and testing for compliance with space system requirements. Additional background in the fundamentals of hardware design, particularly with respect to any of the following:

  • Embedded processor systems architecture, design, sizing, performance analysis and implementation, Reconfigurable and FPGA-based electronics architecture

  • OpenVPX and SpaceVPX system designs and implementations

  • Fault tolerance evaluation and system dependability architectures

  • Plug and play and other software-based systems utilizing heterogeneous processing elements from applications through middleware and firmware to board support

  • Standards-based systems design, embedded standards development, management and ratification ASIC/FPGA architectures and requirements management

For good performers who wish to continue education in a related field, tuition reimbursement is available.

Key responsibilities:

  • Derive system and subsystem level requirements

  • Develop system/component test plans and procedures

  • Develop material for design reviews

  • Support design trades/analysis and development

  • Support product/prototype development

  • Support integration and test activities

  • 5 years relevant experience in space application development

  • Familiarity with digital receivers and single board embedded processors

  • Familiarity with embedded software/firmware/gateware based systems

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Bachelor degree or higher in engineering or scientific field

  • Experience in designing, testing and deploying a space payload

  • Significant understanding of the space environment

  • Experience in designing and testing of Space Electronics

  • Experience generating detailed technical documentation

  • Experience in Model Based Engineering (MBE) and the use of SysML

  • Knowledge of SpaceVPX or OpenVPX standards and implementations

  • Master's degree in engineering or scientific field

Key skills and talents :

  • Strong systems engineering mindset, able to identify and focus on key challenges and solutions

  • Understands and enjoys the challenges of developing systems for the space environment

  • Product oriented mindset focused on reuse and future applications

  • Dependable and highly motivated, creative problem solver

  • Able to work effectively in a "borderless" environment

Space Systems Engineer - Digital Architecture

Manassas, Virginia